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MAAS is Metal As A Service. It lets you treat physical servers like virtual machines (instances) in the cloud. Rather than having to manage each server individually, MAAS turns your bare metal into an elastic cloud-like resource.

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Mapping table
Topic Path
MAAS Documentation /docs
API Authentication /docs/api-authentication
Contact Us /docs/contact-us
Building the Docs /docs/building-the-docs
Language details - Contributing to MAAS docs /docs/language-details-contributing-to-maas-docs
Working with Git and GitHub /docs/working-with-git-and-github
Writing Guide /docs/writing-guide
Block Devices /docs/block-devices
Installation and Configuration Checklist /docs/installation-and-configuration-checklist
Select and Import Images /docs/select-and-import-images
Local Image Mirror /docs/local-image-mirror
VMWare images /docs/vmware-images
Images /docs/images
Installation /docs/installation
Install from ISO /docs/install-from-iso
Install with LXD /docs/install-with-lxd
Network Discovery /docs/network-discovery
Dhcp /docs/dhcp
IP Ranges /docs/ip-ranges
IPv6 /docs/ipv6
Ntp /docs/ntp
Proxy /docs/proxy
Ssl /docs/ssl
Stp /docs/stp
Subnet Management /docs/subnet-management
Configure Networking /docs/configure-networking
Networking /docs/networking
Install from Packages /docs/install-from-packages
Partitions /docs/partitions
Rack Controller /docs/rack-controller
Region controller /docs/region-controller
Install from a Snap /docs/install-from-a-snap
Disk Erasure /docs/disk-erasure
Storage /docs/storage
Syslog /docs/syslog
Upgrade 2.3 to 2.4 from Ubuntu 16.04 /docs/upgrade-2-3-to-2-4-from-ubuntu-16-04
Upgrade from 1.9 to 2.x /docs/upgrade-from-1-9-to-2-x
Upgrading MAAS /docs/upgrading-maas
VMware VMFS Datastores /docs/vmware-vmfs-datastores
Configuration Journey /docs/configuration-journey
Web UI /docs/web-ui
MAAS communcation /docs/maas-communcation
Zone Examples /docs/zone-examples
Concepts and Terms /docs/concepts-and-terms
Introduction to controllers /docs/introduction-to-controllers
Explore MAAS /docs/explore-maas
What's new in 2.6 /docs/whats-new-in-2-6
MAAS requirements /docs/maas-requirements
What is MAAS? /docs/what-is-maas
User Accounts /docs/user-accounts
Audit event logs /docs/audit-event-logs
Backup /docs/backup
Advanced CLI Tasks /docs/advanced-cli-tasks
Common CLI Tasks /docs/common-cli-tasks
CLI composable machines management /docs/cli-composable-machines-management
CLI DHCP Snippet Management /docs/cli-dhcp-snippet-management
CLI Image Management /docs/cli-image-management
CLI Interface Management /docs/cli-interface-management
CLI Kernel Management /docs/cli-kernel-management
CLI Resource Pool Management /docs/cli-resource-pool-management
CLI tag management /docs/cli-tag-management
Maas cli /docs/maas-cli
PostgreSQL HA: hot standby /docs/postgresql-ha-hot-standby
High Availability /docs/high-availability
Add a KVM host /docs/add-a-kvm-host
Creating and deleting new VMs /docs/creating-and-deleting-new-vms
KVM host networking /docs/kvm-host-networking
KVM introduction /docs/kvm-introduction
KVM host storage pools /docs/kvm-host-storage-pools
API Client /docs/api-client
MAAS security /docs/maas-security
Manage composable machines /docs/manage-composable-machines
Prometheus metrics /docs/prometheus-metrics
Package Repositories /docs/package-repositories
Add an RSD host /docs/add-an-rsd-host
Creating and deleting machines /docs/creating-and-deleting-machines
Intel Rack Scale Design (RSD) introduction /docs/intel-rack-scale-design-rsd-introduction
RSD storage /docs/rsd-storage
Interactive search /docs/interactive-search
Availability Zones /docs/availability-zones
Documentation index /docs/documentation-index
Add Nodes /docs/add-nodes
Commission Nodes /docs/commission-nodes
Pods /docs/pods
Custom node setup (preseed) /docs/custom-node-setup-preseed
Deploy Nodes /docs/deploy-nodes
Hardware Testing /docs/hardware-testing
Kernel Boot Options /docs/kernel-boot-options
Ubuntu Kernels /docs/ubuntu-kernels
Node overview /docs/node-overview
BMC Power Types /docs/bmc-power-types
Resource pools /docs/resource-pools
CLI Testing Scripts /docs/cli-testing-scripts
Commissioning and Hardware Testing Scripts /docs/commissioning-and-hardware-testing-scripts
Tags /docs/tags
Historical Release Notes /docs/historical-release-notes
MAAS 2.6 Release notes /docs/maas-2-6-release-notes
Troubleshooting /docs/troubleshooting
Getting Help /docs/getting-help


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Path Location
/docs/language-details-contributing-to-juju-docs /docs/language-details-contributing-to-maas-docs

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