MAAS Feature Poll

Here is a poll, listing all the recent features of MAAS. Please vote on them – noting that you may have to visit the link to understand the request. We can’t guarantee that we’ll work on any of the features here, but we do want to understand our community’s needs, which does affect how we consider our roadmap.

The poll is broken up into sets of 20 options because that’s how Discourse requires it, but please vote in all the polls on this page.

can’t pick voting option for PSK on RPC, seems to open the link instead of checking the box? only happens on that one.

also having this problem with the redfish power driver check box

@evan.sikorski, they weren’t broken for me, so i just added a vote for each on your behalf. these polls are auto-generated, so i’m not sure how to debug it atm.

I’ll sort of repeat myself here on something I said recently: I vote against feature bloat. Exactly which features would constitute bloat is of course debatable, but maturity and reliability of existing features are far more important to us than adding more things which other tools can do.

I mention it here because shopping lists of features are a great way for users to encourage devs to add bloat, inadvertently or no.


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@gregoryo2017 mostly agreed but still, there are some features that would really benefit to the MaaS experience or even usability.
I’m talking for myself here but for us, the pre/post deployment/release hooks from the MaaS server itself and not the “being deployed” machine are extremely important for a good integration with our ecosystem (especially our network stack which is based on Cisco ACI).
Of course we could do some ugly workarounds but it would be far less efficient, prone to errors and would not provide the best experience for our users.
Some other features seem more like a “nice to have” than some others but this is my perspective and not the one from the people who posted them.
Anyway, I like the idea of the poll to decide whether this is valuable or not and looking at the result, I’m pretty happy to see that most people are going the same way with interesting features.

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I think it’s a problem with how it’s working in my phone browser.

makes sense. gotcha covered anyway.

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@billwear will there be any followup on the poll ?
I mean, where can we see which feature has been accepted and/or being worked on ?
Would be nice to have some visibility on the features roadmap because we only know what is being worked on when a new beta is released but I didn’t find a place (maybe I didn’t searched too well) with the direction taken by MaaS feature wise for the mid/long term.

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you’re quite right that we should be able to share what features we’re providing, so, yes, there will be some followup after the poll has been up a while. forums are not real-time, so i should give a decent interval (2-3 weeks) for people to comment before interpreting the results.

that said, of course, we set our roadmap based on a lot of considerations. the main purpose of the poll is to see where there’s consensus, as heavily-voted features will get talked about in the weekly team meetings, and i’ll post responses as they are warranted.

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I’m very pleased that my Moonshot 2.0 ticket is in the list :slight_smile: However, it looks like I’m the only person who has voted for it! :frowning:

Can I just reiterate that I’ve managed to get this working in a custom build and I’d happily work with someone that wanted to merge the changes in (and indeed have me update the changes to whatever code standard you require for the project).

I can’t test every blade type as we’ve only got one model, but I have tested this on Moonshot 2.0 with the m750 cartridges. Perhaps the blade type should be a user configurable set of key value pairs since HPE could add blade models at any time. MAAS just needs to know that “m750” maps to “amd64” for example.