Add support for Raspberry Pi 4s

I was poking around at getting Raspberry Pi 4s to PXE boot with MAAS and ran into some issues. I filed a bug report here:

All the ingredients seem to be there:

  • Pi 4s support POE with a simple hat.
  • Unifi POE switch allows MAAS to control power (I was writing a driver for this)
  • Pi 4s support PXE booting

I was able to get some of the booting to work, but it sounds like the detection work still needs to be done. It would be nice if MAAS would ship the Ubuntu Pi amd64+raspi images as well.

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@joestump, we tried Pi in the last few months; don’t remember the issue, but there’s something about the way they pxe-boot that makes this difficult for MAAS to support. i’ll check with the guy that tried that and see if i can get you some answers.