image auto-sync enablement


I would like start the conversation around making auto-sync configurable on a per-image basis.


I have filed a bug for it here.


So, not automatically synching all images, just selected ones? Different frequencies for different images?

More importantly, what are you hoping to accomplish with this feature, specifically?

@billwear I think in general, the capability to turn image sync off on a per image basis would be a great start.


Let’s say you install a system at point A in time. It depends on the image being on a specific version for installation of some software.

If auto sync kicks in, at point B in time, a user could enter a situation where it could be impossible to re-install the system since the sync is irreversible. It’s also not known exactly when a sync occurs, which makes the planning of upgrades impossible.

Clearly being able to upgrade images on a ‘controled’ schedule is critical. Backing out would also be a feature useful for unsuccessful upgrades.

Further, having access to metadata about current and future images would be very good. Like info on minor versions (in the centos case, only the major version is available for example), kernel version, size of installation, image checksum for security, source image location etc.

The suggested way to control image updates is by creating an images mirror. You can then point your MAAS at the mirror and control when it is updated.

The streams metadata is available at The version used in the stream is based on the date, not the upstream version. The metadata does contain image checksums and image size.

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@ltrager I hadn’t seen this, and just posted this. We’ve still been experiencing issues in this area and it’s been quite taxing actually, on myself, and on our project.

It sounds like using our own simplestreams mirror is the direction we need to take this.

I’ll get to setting this up. Thanks for the insight here.

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