UID light support

Sometimes it’s very useful to map physical machine to it’s name in MAAS. Especially when commissioning/testing numerous servers in remote DC where your access is limited and you need to explain DC support staff in what host should they swap failed PSU/HDD etc…

Feature should allow for remote control of UID light like in:

ipmitool chassis identify help
chassis identify <interval>
                 default is 15 seconds
                 0 to turn off
                 force to turn on indefinitely

On the web GUI it should be a way to light multiple chassis at once - this is very useful when one have no access to host BMC - in this case one can light UID on whole rack and asks DC staff to take care of the only “dark” unit.

MAAS should also signal pressing of the UID button on the chassis.


:metal: That is an excellent idea. I second the vote!

I’ve needed to do this once. I was able to get around it by running ipmitool chassis identify from the host OS, but it’s a little clumsy and heavy handed