Support for rockylinux

since rocky linux seems to replace centos, as centos has changed its roadmap, it will be really helpful to add rocky linux to the sopported OS:

stdout: start: cmd-install/stage-curthooks/builtin/cmd-curthooks: curtin command curthooks
Running curtin builtin curthooks
finish: cmd-install/stage-curthooks/builtin/cmd-curthooks: FAIL: curtin command curthooks
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/curtin/curtin/commands/”, line 202, in main
ret = args.func(args)
File “/curtin/curtin/commands/”, line 1891, in curthooks
builtin_curthooks(cfg, target, state)
File “/curtin/curtin/commands/”, line 1686, in builtin_curthooks
distro_info = distro.get_distroinfo(target=target)
File “/curtin/curtin/”, line 118, in get_distroinfo
variant = name_to_distro(variant_name)
File “/curtin/curtin/”, line 57, in name_to_distro
return DISTROS[DISTROS.index(distname)]
ValueError: tuple.index(x): x not in tuple
tuple.index(x): x not in tuple

Stderr: ‘’

I’ve tryed with a boot-resources created ad CentOS and with another one created as Custom, same result.

I really think that the missing feature is in curtin, already opened a bug there.
Just here to double check that “custom” is the right choise for Rocky Linux.


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If similarity to Centos is close to 100%, I would rather suggest the route of using Packer to build Centos image which is sourced from RockyLinux iso instead of Centos ISO. That has at least a chance of working. And then pass it as Centos to maas, “Custom” is rather rudimentary and essentially translates to “dump this compressed disk image to the first storage drive you find on a server”.

Thanks igor,

it’s exactely what I’ve done, I moved my kickstart to point to the rocky repo and build my image with packer.
I’ve created a boot resource under Centos and after that, another one under custom, but curtin is always complaining that way.

I filled a bug under curtin launchpad… I guess is missing feature even there.


Hi @phrancesco

you can check this thread as well already asked question :slight_smile:

Hope more people ask about rocky linux :slight_smile:



thanks, really appreciated your interest, I bumped in your original topic.


@tension183, nice.

fwiw, i did bring rocky up in a team meeting today. i’d also like to understand the specific differences between CentOSn/rocky and Ubuntu that make rocky a better choice. feel free to dive deep. the more we know, the more we can do something about it.


I believe naming it is important - so maas and curtin usually work only with whitelisted names
name it centos/centos8 - because that may be whitelisted


My understanding is that CentOS Stream 8 replaces CentOS 8, and my assumption is that MAAS will continue to provide CentOS Stream based images for the centos/centos8 flavor. Is that assumption correct (as far as current plans go)?

Alma and Rocky Linux could be added alongside CentOS Stream as big companies are likely to switch to those from CentOS 8.


Thanks, @igor, unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work.


Hello everybody,

are there any news on rocky linux support ?


Hi, I’m just reading this for the first time tonight as I’m new here at Canonical.

How did your bug report go with curtin? <-- clearly does not include rocky here.

Hi @anton5mith,

this one :

Is still in state new since 2021-07-02 and no answer at all.

Is out there a way to ask for feature in curtin different from launchpad ?

Still using Centos 8.4 and every machine will be deployed again with rocky support.
Double the effort.


FYI we are discussing this internally atm, hope to come back soon.

Finger crossed!


@anton5mith, something is moving on the curtin side !!!



yes indeed! note: we don’t know yet if this will make everything work with MAAS, but at least it stops it being prevented from working.

Hi @anton5mith, does anyone knows when curtin package will be available on 20.4 LTS ?

Another question:

curtin 21.3 where should be present ?

  1. On the MAAS host ?
  2. In the MAAS snap ?
  3. On the commissioning OS release ?

Thanks !

from @ack:

" MAAS uses curtin from the host if installed via deb, and the version inside of the snap when running from a snap

that being said, there might be changes needed in maas code to support it. with a deb-based maas they can install curtin 21.3 and try building a custom image

to be clear, we don’t need curtin to be in the LTS to update it in maas. we keep a copy of the updated package in the PPA since we usually depend on a higher version than the one in the archive"

Thx, 100% clear.

Since we are on snap I’ll try to do a custom snap (as we are already doing for Proxmox 5 legacy support) when I’ve got some time.