Custom Image OS support

Hi MaaS Team,

where can I find OS support list for MasS. Because i am doing test with Oracle Linux 8 without success so any help will be appreciated.


“name”: [“Unsupport operating system ol, supported operating systems: [‘ubuntu’, ‘ubuntu-core’, ‘bootloader’, ‘centos’, ‘rhel’, ‘custom’, ‘windows’, ‘suse’, ‘caringo’, ‘esxi’]”]}


MAAS supports supported releases of Ubuntu, CentOS/RHEL 7 and 8, VMware ESXi 6.7, and Windows Server 2012-2016.

Oracle Linux isn’t officially supported right now but its supposed to be binary compatible with RHEL which is supported. I would start by feeding the RHEL 8 Packer template the Oracle Linux 8 ISO to create the image. You can then upload it as custom/oracle-linux-8. MAAS/Curtin do look at /etc/os-release during install to determine the deployment OS. Because RHEL/CentOS aren’t in the name matching may fail. If that is the case please file a bug and upload the curtin logs.

maas $PROFILE node-script-result download $SYSTEM_ID current-installation filters=/tmp/curtin-logs.tar > curtin-logs.tar

Hi @ltrager,

I try to change os-release but without success so I open the bug:
Failed Oracle Linux deployment


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