MaaS - Openvswitch bonding

Hi there,

I am glad we are now able to use native OVS bridge on machine deployed with MaaS 2.9, I wonder if native OVS bonding is also planned in future MaaS release ?

Actually our home made KVM hypervisors are running since years on a full OVS stack (bridge + bond + port) and so far it have been rock solid regarding our needs, so it would be really nice if we were able do the same thought MaaS.



Any update on this ?

Hi Cédric.

Native OVS bonding is certainly something that we’d like to do, but it’s currently not on the immediate roadmap.

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Hi Björn,

Thanks for the feedback, some enlightement regarding this specific need (in the hope to rise a bit its priority !).

Neutron-gateway/OVS needs dedicated interfaces (eg raw interface, like “bond0” for exemple) to be able to dynamically create/managed provider networks with VLAN backend. On machines with only one bond it imply to provision a new tagged interfaces for every new provider network which is not possible with MaaS when a machine is deployed, so manual configuration and management are needed here, which seems to not be the better way to go.

Having bonding and L3 interfaces bundled in OVS from scratch by MaaS would allow to provide the raw bond to the neutron-gateway charm, thus allow network-provider backed on a tagged VLAN to be provisionned by Openstack dynamically as it should.

Hope it helps.