Setting Mellanox RX and TX ring sizes with MAAS

I’m using MAAS and Juju to deploy OpenStack on top of servers that have Mellanox MT27710 ConnectX-4 Lx NICs. After some performance tests, I found that raising the RX and TX ring sizes of the Mellanox NICs offered better performance and less packet drops. I set the RX and TX sizes with:

sudo ethtool -G rx 8192 tx 8192

I was trying to find the best way to configure this so that it survives reboots and redeploys. I ended up adding a script to cloudinit-userdata in the Juju model defaults that adds a systemd service on each deployed node that runs those commands at each boot.

I’m thinking however that these settings should be configurable elsewhere in an easier manner. I was wondering if MAAS would be right place, just like we can configure MTU settings in MAAS.

Do you think it makes sense to file a feature request for MAAS to support setting Mellanox ring sizes?

Thank you.

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