How to apply configuration changes to existing maas nodes?

I have an existing maas cluster (maas 2.4, ubuntu 18.04), but can’t resolve the hostname of the nodes. It turns out I need to add the following dns search to the netplan configuration on maas region server:
- maas
My question is, how can I push this change to the existing nodes?


MAAS does not support modifying machines once they have been deployed. Canonical’s Landscape has the ability to run scripts on selected machines if that is what you are after.

Thank you for the information. Is there a plan to support this in the future?

We currently have no plans to support post deployment configuration.

While we don’t currently have plans, we have had this discussion. The context in which we have discussed it is to push changes in network configuration, which may solve this. However, we currently have no way to do so, so this is just an idea we may make a reality in the future.