Add a security tag to the MaaS Discourse

While attempting to open a new thread on securing MaaS, I found that there wasn’t a “security” tag.

It seems like it would be useful (although the forum has been in place for some time and there hasn’t been a need yet, but I doubt I’m the only person concerned with security questions).

@standalonesa, were you not able to add one by clicking the “+”? at any rate, i added one and applied it to this post and to the one you referenced. you should be able to add it wherever you like now.

do let me know if you can’t add one. that surprises me.

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Thank you for making the tag. I do have a + when I make a post, but it doesn’t seem to allow me to do anything other than just select from the existing tags. It may be because I’m a new user?

probably. i’m not sure where “create a new tag” falls in the permissions ladder, but i went ahead and bumped you up one notch. maybe that will give you that capability. if not, just call me out by name (@billwear) and i’ll create the tag for you.

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Copy, thank you very much!

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