Custom Power Control on MaaS

Hello, I’ve seen a few posts around the web about how to bring back WoL as a Power Control mechanism but i’ve been unable to get a solution going.

Moreover, i do feel that the current interface lacks support for future (and past) or custom Power Control units.

I feel it would be excelent if the interface would allow ‘custom scripts’ to be run to power up/down the remote machines. Perhaps a simple ‘bash script’ would suffice.


While I understand the discontinued support for WOL I think there should be a custom/plugin Power Control mechanism.

Many are developing custom power control mechanisms in particular for IOT devices.

I’ve written a generic webhook power driver. It’s simple and let’s me interface with whatever I’d like. In my case I push the power commands to Node-RED and then use that to control simple tasmota based power adapters but you could obviously build whatever logic you needed in the endpoint (run ssh commands, control relays, etc).

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