MAAS 3.1.0-Beta1 released

We are pleased to announce that MAAS 3.1.0-Beta1 has been released, with four features widely requested by users:

  • Enlist deployed machines: Users can enlist and commission deployed machines without disturbing their workload. This was the number one feature requested in our recent MAAS feature poll.

  • Static Ubuntu image upload and reuse: Users can upload, deploy and reuse a bootable ubuntu image, a top request from our very-large-MAAS users.

  • Machine configuration cloning UI: Extend the existing CLI-based machine cloning to UI, moving toward machine profile templates, a frequently-requested feature in UX surveys.

  • LXD authentication UX improvements: Easier MAAS to LXD connection that uses certificates for authentication, a frequently-requested feature in developer advocate office hours.

This is a Beta release, so you may encounter bugs and incomplete features. Please take the time to file a bug or let us know your thoughts on the discourse user forum.

Please view the release notes for details and installation instructions.