Maas with wifi devices?

I’ve added a NUC to my MAAS setup with wifi ootb and I’m curious about MAAS detecting/configuring that device? I’m thinking about adding wifi to a few of the nucs and setting up a different subnet for the wifi network to test things but it’s not picked up the wireless device and I’m curious if there’s any way/thoughts on setting up such devices using the MAAS controls?

It depends on what you mean. We haven’t tested PXE booting purely over WiFi - if that could somehow work (how would the SSID be configured?) then MAAS should be able to fully manage it. (You could use a WiFi to Ethernet bridge, but that would seem to defeat your purpose!)

If you just want the device to boot up and get an IP address from MAAS DHCP, that’s fine - once it’s discovered, you can add it as a device in MAAS to provide it a static IP.

Also, MAAS cannot configure the interface with an SSID on deployment and such. Configuring WiFi NICs have not been a target of enablement and, at the time, curtin didn’t support them either (and I’m not sure what’s the current status)

Yes, that’s a good point, too. Assuming Netplan can support the WiFi interface, MAAS would have to be enhanced in order to know which WiFi networks (SSD, pre-shared key) are providing access to which VLANs - and then send that Netplan along to the deploying node.

By “wifi ootb”, do you mean a Wifi enabled Out of the Blue power plug for switching the NUC on?

If so, you’ll almost certainly need to write your own power handler, probably by copying the manual one. I expect that you’ll still want manual power off so that you get a clean shutdown. Once you’ve done that, you will be able to manually add the MAC and IP addresses of your Wifi OOTB Smart Plug to the MAAS entry for your server.


Yes, this is where I was eventually going. Ideally I’d love to see the WiFi device in my list of network devices and be able to set it up such that when the node is deployed it’d come up on the proper SSID/network and such. In theory I’d be able to setup a pair of subnets in MAAS and have the AP on one and by configuring the WiFi I’d have dual nic’d nucs for testing and for doing things like splitting out the management plane on nucs from the data and such.

Sounds like it’s not there at this time but it would be pretty sweet for my current lab setup.

I assumed it meant “out of the box”. :wink: Generally, NUCs lack IPMI and are managed with the Intel AMT power driver. (And you are correct that managing that over WiFi might also be an issue; you’d have to have a way to configure AMT to listen on the WiFi interface - and I imagine you would expect to encounter similar issues with any out-of-band management technology.) It would be nice to see Redfish support, if the industry is finally converging on one standard!