Create general layout with XFS and quota enabled


I maintain an environment with ~300 bare metal systems managed by maas. On all systems we have the problem

  • space in /home can get full
  • separating /home from / isn’t an option for various reasons.

So sometimes it happens, that disk is full so device fails (DHCP cannot renew, logfiles not written etc.pp) and the best solution would be using XFS (or ZFS) with quota enabled so we can set a quota on /home (Ext4 doesn’t allow folder related quota just user related quota).

So I would like to have a default flat layout with XFS instead of ext4 with required grub options (otherwise xfs or zfs doesn’t have quota enabled) but I cannot see how to add an own default layout :frowning:

Is this possible with configuration files only? I don’t want to setup a specific layout on each of this hundreds of hosts even via api call (and this would remove a some flexibility we like) and I like the idea select a layout while deploying a new host.

Or is this something I cannot configure but has to be a hardcoded feature in MAAS?

Btw.: something I don’t understand since we switched to snapd based install: where are the config (curtin) files?

Bye & Tnx


The curtin config files are located at /var/snap/maas/current/preseeds/. See Custom machine setup.

I’m going to check if we can produce the desired layout using config files and get back to you soon.