Disable power-state poweroff

I have been trying to prevent MAAS from being able to shut down my servers, for reasons which I have explained in the following thread. After not being able to find a workaround, as it’s hardcoded, I decided to make this feature request. Preventing MAAS from shutting down server

My request is that MAAS has a setting per controller that allows adjusting this to change the default behaviour from poweroff to reboot and apply this to specific power action types. So, for example, it could be set where servers with the power type as manual or webhook will reboot and never shut down, but MAAS can shut down servers with IPMI.

Here’s the code responsible for shutting down. https://github.com/maas/maas/blob/master/src/maasserver/compose_preseed.py#L529-L556
Line 550 onwards, I want to edit line 553 to mode restart.

Without this, I cannot use MAAS in my environment.

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