Maas needs to handle network offload parameters on a per interface basis

We recently got bitten by issues with the i40e intel driver for 10g nic’s in a bonded (802.3ad) configuration. The solution was to disable TSO, GRO and GSO for each nic, MAAS however DOES NOT SUPPORT these parameters in the interface configuration.

It is supported in /etc/network/interfaces with the “offload- on/off” params.
i.e. for our case it is:
offload-tso off
offload-gro off
offload-gso off

inside of each interface block that needs it.

For systemd (untested by me yet) this seems doable via

Match criteria gives a lot of flexibility but intuitively using mac address feels like a good one to use.
Please add the ability to set these params for interfaces into the MAAS API (And gui)

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