MaaS / Netplan integration - Ability to update Interfaces of "Deployed Machines"


Currently, the only way to update the network Interfaces of a Machine, is when it’s in one of the following states:, New, Ready, Allocated, or Broken.

After the deployment, there is no way via MaaS, to update the Interfaces, change BOND settings, etc…

Thing is, Netplan is quite dynamic! I mean, it’s easy to update it and “netplan try|apply”.

But MaaS limits that flexibility…

So, is there any plans to try to, let’s say, better integrate Netplan into MaaS somehow? In a way that the Interfaces could be changed when a Machine is in “Deployed” state…?


MAAS had an agentless design so far which means there is nothing to connect to the target machines and change them.

This is not as trivial as one might think because MAAS is able to deploy different operating systems and different versions of those. Changing the configuration means loading the state, creating a diff between the current config and the target and applying the new state without breaking other config that might have been done by a user or automation.

There may be some changes to that if hotplug handling will be added to MAAS, however, I would not expect this to happen in a short time-frame as some cloud-init changes need to be done first.

Also, this is perfect for a CMDB (Puppet, Ansible etc) to manage. Updates won’t reflect in MAAS interface, but I’m voting for MAAS not to become a monolithic (and potentially fragile) system which tries to do too much.

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