Proposal: support power control rack controller with better UI

I noticed that, even in HA mode, having multiple rack controller within the same vlan, rack controller can’t power control each other.

That’s really sad, the power on/off button is there, it just don’t work, we expected that HA mode can do more, such as bring a down node back, or redeploy.

I found it very inconvenient for the design change, moving all controllers to a separate page, we can’t find the same group of machine all together, and we lost the ability to redeploy the controller. (which means it’s not possible to convert it back to normal machine, unless delete and re-enlist)

Really hope there can be alternative view, or at least configurable.
Not sure if I’m alone, but in our user case, rac controller is just a normal machine, the same as the other except a few extra processes running on it. We hope all the standard actions could apply to rack controller as well. And it’s very important when you want do maintenance work with HA controller.