Show and Tell: Enlisting & commissioning deployed machines

Today, @bjornt demos a new feature coming in 3.1 – enlisting and commissioning deployed machines, without disturbing their operation or workloads. This feature answers one of the top requests in the recent Feature Poll, though that wasn’t entirely planned. Here’s the video demo:

There’s also a related blog, with words mostly from developers @bjornt and @ack, that explains how we are working through this idea in the MAAS core team.

Enjoy, and be sure to add your comments and questions to this post.


Great news and nice to see “community driven features” coming to MaaS that quickly !

One question : would it be possible to have some feedbacks on the poll’s features that are being considered for inclusion (if any) in a near future and for which milestone ?

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we can talk about how we want to respond to those. you can infer that those with the most votes will be the ones that have the highest chance of inclusion. we normally don’t share our milestones too early, but i’ll bring that up in the team meeting on Monday.

Thanks @billwear

I understand that with nearly a hundred features asked in this poll (plus many more here and there), just a small amount of them have a chance to be part of the product in a near future.
The idea here is just to have an idea of the direction taken by the product and some rough estimates on these features (and others) inclusion.

Many thanks anyway for all the efforts you put in these direct relations with the community, this is really appreciated.

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Great, when will it ready to use?

the basic features demo’d here are currently slated to be released with MAAS 3.1. currently there is no specific date, but it is part of the Ubuntu 21.10 release cycle, so hopefully sometime before the end of the year.