Disable gateway of added VLAN


Hey guys,

In my environment, I have many VLANs, some of my VLANs have gateway, others don’t.

Thing is, sometimes, I want to add multiple VLANs interfaces in a Machine but, I want to choose which one I don’t want its gateway to be added inside of the Machine’s Netplan config.

Is there any way to do that today? I’m trying MaaS 2.5 beta 4.

I think that it would be nice to have a option somewhere within the Interfaces page, like “Disable gateway of selected network”, or something like that, close to where we can configure the static IP, AutoAssign, DHCP, etc…


Feature to disable Interface Gateway when using multiple NICs

I think this goes back to the need for improved L3 modeling in MAAS: Multi-WAN (or multiple networks with gateways)