Feature Request: Don't reload machines list on new tab

My companies server list is 5000+ machines long. It takes almost 3 minutes for the machines list to refresh.

This would not be a problem if the list only refreshed when I needed it too.

Instead, any time I open a new tab, even if that tab is a direct link to a node and not the machines list, it reloads from the database before any data on that single node is displayed.

If i open multiple machines in new tabs, it takes even longer to get them all loaded.

What I propose is that users have to ability to toggle auto-refresh on and off in a preference that is saved/remembered as well as a new button in the UI to manually trigger a refresh.

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Hi Evan, can I ask which version of MAAS are you using? There was a fix for the overly requesting machine list, which was released in version 2.8.

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This was on 2.6, but we recently update to 2.8.2, and it’s even worse now.

Hi @evan.sikorski, are you able to try 2.8.3? We released some significant performance fixes when loading machine details in that version, however the machine list won’t have changed.

We have installed 2.8.4, which has been a huge improvement.

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