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I bring back an old topic which is a hardware update for nodes deployed with MaaS. I beleive it is a common case for servers to get hardware upgrade or replacement during their lifecycle, especially regarding RAM capacity.

Are there any plans for MaaS to allow “rediscovering” the hardware with something like power off the server, boot it in a “commissioning-like” environment, discover hardware / run custom scripts, reboot the server with the existing OS and set it again to deployed state.

In any case, does anybody has any idea for a workaround, so as to have accurate hardware info on MaaS for deployed servers?


I’ve opened LP:1812141 so we can discuss implementing commissioning deployed systems.

In the meantime the current memory and CPU count of a machine can be changed using the CLI as follows

maas $PROFILE machine update $SYSTEM_ID memory=<size in bytes> cpu_count=<positive integer>

Supporting updating the hardware information, network configuration, et al are part of the MAAS roadmap, but at the moment they are not a priority.

We’d love the ability to keep the firmware version current in MAAS. We grudgingly had to implement yet another vendor-specific tool to track firmware versions (for security and standards compliance) because the information in MAAS becomes stale over time as machines are upgraded without running them through the MAAS lifecycle.

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MAAS 3.2 and later let users periodically sync hardware information.

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