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MAAS is Metal As A Service, a service that lets you treat physical servers like virtual machines – instances – in the cloud. No need for you to manage servers individually: MAAS turns your bare metal into an elastic, cloud-like resource.

Five questions you might have:

  1. What is MAAS – and what does it really do for me?
  2. Can you show me an example data centre using MAAS?
  3. How does MAAS work – in detail?
  4. What concepts might I need to understand before starting?
  5. Can I just install it and try it for myself?

Part of the machine list from Metaphorical General Hospital, our example data centre.

New version of MAAS

Getting support

There are four ways you can get support for MAAS:

  1. Professional support
  2. Ask a question (external link)
  3. IRC (external link)
  4. MAAS 2.5 (and earlier) documentation (external link)


There are (at least) three ways you can contribute to MAAS:

  1. Guide to contributing
  2. Push some code (external link)
  3. File an issue (external link)