MAAS Technical reference

Technical reference topics

The following technical topics may be useful as you operate and administer MAAS:

  • Commissioning scripts: This article provides technical details about commissioning scripts.
  • Hardware test scripts: This article enumerates and describes the various hardware tests you can engage when commissioning a machine.
  • Audit event logs: Audit events are a subset of the MAAS event logs. This article will provide reference material for those who want to review and report on events designated as MAAS audit events.
  • MAAS performance: The MAAS engineering team actively works to improve the performance of MAAS. This article documents those efforts and provides benchmarks.
  • Power management: To manage a machine, MAAS must be able to power cycle it, usually through the machine’s BMC card. Until you configure the power type, a newly-added machine can’t be enlisted and used by MAAS. Often, choosing the right power driver is half the battle; this article can help.
  • Storage layouts: There are several possible MAAS storage layouts, including flat, LVM, bcache, VMFS6, and the generic “blank” layout. This article provides details and technical specifications on these layouts.
  • MAAS Terraform provider: This article provides a pure reference on the MAAS Terraform provider, in terms of data sources and resources available through that provider, along with HCL examples culled from the source.

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