MAAS 2.8 UI taking ~50 seconds to open baremetal information

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I’m having a slow to open the machine’s information on MaaS 2.8. It is getting around 50 seconds to open the machine page.
I did create another region to check if the issue is in the UI, but I got the same issue with another region.
These stats after upgrade from 2.7 to 2.8, I"m not sure if the issue is in the database, or maybe due to the number of servers that I’m managing with maas (2k).
The dashboard looks good to load the server numbers, but when I click to open a server it delays around 50 seconds to open.

I would like to know if someone has the same issue. I’m looking to upgrade to version 2.9 but I"m not sure if it will fix this slow.


2.9 contains a fix for an issue we found when going from the list of machines to the machine details so it is very likely that upgrading to 2.9 will improve things for you.

We are working on improving the UI performance and 2.10 should be even faster again when it is released.

Hi @huwshimi,

I did the upgrade to 2.9, and it did not fix the issue, to be honest it break something from MaaS UI, I was unable to open the machine information, and it generated an error ‘no item with pk: machine_id’.

I did the upgrade to 2.9, and it did not fix the issue, to be honest, it breaks something from MaaS UI, I was unable to open the machine information, and it generated an error ‘no item with pk: machine_id’.

It makes me did a rollback to version 2.8, looks like this issue only appears on larger environments, I have around 2k nodes on my maas, on dev environment that I have only 3 machines the version 2.9 is working fine.

I have a case opened with Canonical and they are looking into this. The suspicious is that the root cause is the number of machines, looks like a MaaS limitation.

I’ve fixed the issue for searches starting with a number, which will get included in a future 2.9 release. In the meantime you can try searching with “hostname:123name-here”.

We’re investing the issue loading machine details pages.

Does it any way to fix it on 2.8? I mean, I’m looking to keep the version 2.8 until the 2.10 be ready.

Apologies for the delay @djairdasilva I’m waiting to find out if we can make these changes in 2.8 and when we’d be able to release them.

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We could really use this in 2.8, as well, for essentially the same reasons as @djairdasilva.

I’ve made these changes for 2.8 which I believe will make it into 2.8.3.

Thanks @huwshimi.

Do both issues been fixed on 2.8.3? I mean the slow to open the machine and the search issue?

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Yes, they should both be fixed. Let me know how it goes for you.

Thanks for that.

Hope that this fix doesn’t break systems with more than 2k machines like version 2.9.

When I did the upgrade to version 2.9 something break and I did receive ‘no item with pk: machine_id’. It makes me do a rollback to 2.8. It did make me do a rollback to 2.8.

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Yeah sorry about that, I tracked down that bug and it should be fixed as well. I’ve made that fix in 2.8 and 2.9 so 2.8.3 and the next release of 2.9 should both hopefully work for you.

Thank you very much.

Waiting for the release 2.8.3 to upgrade it soon. I’m using APT installation with ubuntu 18.

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MAAS 2.8.3 pre-released for user testing covers the changes and has instructions on how to upgrade to the candidate release. Would be good to confirm if the fix helps you.

The good news is that machine details now load in around 15 seconds. The bad news is that the machine details tabs are gone (e.g., Machine Summary, Interfaces):

We have tried this in multiple MAAS instances on multiple region controllers, tested with multiple clean browsers and users v. admins. Still looking for a problem on our end.

Thanks very much for letting us know, I’m investigating now:

Hi team, @pjonason I saw that Maas did merge the fix, do you confirm if ir works good for you? Just waiting for the confirmation to upgrade from my side.

be careful updating to 2.8.3 as a UI user -

This is fixed in 2.8.4 (the only fix!) and we’re working hard to ensure 2.8.4 doesn’t regress other things before we push it out to the stable channel and 2.8 PPA.

If you need a fix sooner, as usual, it’s in ppa:maas/2.8-next and 2.8/candidate channel for the snap.

Thanks @sparkiegeek, Iooks better wait for 2.8.4 once my environment is production.

Thanks again.

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Looks much better in 2.8.4. Now looking/waiting for it in the stable channel.

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