MAAS 2.8.3 pre-released for user testing

MAAS 2.8.3 has been pre-released for user testing.

For snap users, you can upgrade to this test release with the command:

snap refresh maas --channel=2.8/candidate

For deb users, you can grab 2.8.3 from the 2.8-next PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:maas/2.8-next
sudo apt dist-upgrade

Please feel free to install this candidate release and put it through its paces, so that we can get feedback on our fixes.

The focus for this release has been bugfixing and more bugfixing. No other changes have been made to MAAS with this release.

Here’s a summary of the bugs that were fixed in 2.8.3:

    $ sudo -u postgres psql $MAAS_DB # connect to $MAAS_DB
    UPDATE maasserver_staticipaddress SET alloc_type = 5 where ip = '$IP_ADDRESS' AND alloc_type = 6;
    $ maas $PROFILE ipaddresses release ip='$IP_ADDRESS' force=true
  • MAAS is unable to handle duplicate UUIDs: The firmware for Dell servers (and possibly others) has a bug whereby they use the service number for the UUID, which is not guaranteed to be unique. This caused MAAS commissioning to fail. The code was modified in 2.8.3 to detect and remove duplicate UUIDs, allowing MAAS to fall back to the MAC address. There is also a database workaround for those who cannot upgrade to 2.8.3 right away:

    UPDATE maasserver_node SET hardware_uuid=NULL where hardware_uuid=’$DUPLICATE_UUID’;

  • Ubuntu 20.04 pxe installation fails…:
    When trying to PXE install Ubuntu 20.04, the installation fails with “no such file or directory, /dev/disk/by-id exception.” This was an issue with block devices being created without serial numbers, bug fixed in curtin and released with 2.8.3.

  • Failed to allocate the required AUTO IP addresses after 2 retries: MAAS incorrectly perceives that there are no available IP addresses, when in fact, there are plenty still available. This is fixed in 2.8.3.

  • machines create error (backport): Adding commission=true to a CLI machine creation command produces an error. This was fixed in 2.9 and backported to 2.8.3.

  • Lists of LXD nodes are represented in an incompatible data structure: Fixed in 2.8.3.

  • Deselecting all architectures in the Ubuntu extra archtectures repo blocks all deployments (backport). The default architectures have been changed to prevent this issue. This was fixed in 2.9 and backported to 2.8.3.

  • Can’t commission without a test (backport): MAAS 2.8 does not allow machines to be commissioned with zero tests selected; this occurs only for multiple machines, and only when commissioning from the UI. This was fixed in 2.9 and backported to 2.8.3. Note that there is a workaround for those not ready to upgrade to 2.8.3, specifically, using the CLI to commission machines without testing them:

    maas $PROFILE machine commission $SYSTEM_ID testing_scripts=none

  • UI should not autoselect noauto commissioning scripts (backport): Previously, users gained the ability to upload commissioning scripts which do not automatically run, but the UI ignores the “noauto” tag and runs the script anyway. This was fixed in 2.9 and backported to 2.8.3.

  • ipmi-config command not found in snap (backport): The ipmi-config cannot be found in a MAAS snap, due to path confusion in the wrapper script. This was fixed in 2.9 and backported to 2.8.3.

  • Admin users cannot change other user’s passwords via UI (backport): An administrator is unable to change users passwords via the UI. This was fixed in 2.9 and backported to 2.8.3.

  • all rack addresses in vlan are included in list of nameservers sent to deployed server (backport): From the Bug Description: “MAAS forces all rack addresses for all subnets in a single vlan to any system deployed into any of those subnets. If the deployed systems are isolated, with no gateway configured, they may end up with broken DNS due to having nameservers configured which are not reachable.”
    This was fixed in 2.9 and backported to 2.8.3.