MAAS 2.8 UI taking ~50 seconds to open baremetal information

looks bad to me… when I did enable the version 2.8.4 I did get another bug related the ip allocation that probably was fixed in the version 2.8.5, but I’m unable to test the version 2.8.5 for now and I saw some related regarding the issue persists in the version with the fix. @sparkiegeek or @huwshimi Would you help me on this?

my problem is related this one…

Just to let you know guys, I was able to upgrade to 2.8.5, I’m now able to deploy machines, but the PXE needs to be as auto-assign, as DHCP fails with the same AUTO IP issue. The problem here is, our 1k machines deployed are configured as DHCP in the PXE and we can’t change it. During the reinstall process it will fail causing problems for us. Would you please help to create another fix to prevent that the deployment will not if the PXE interface is configured as DHCP?

Thank you so much, the slowness and the search issue have been fixed and we are happy to have this fix in place, thank you so much for the help until now.

@sparkiegeek @huwshimi

Hi @djairdasilva thanks for trying out 2.8.5 - I hope you saw we released 2.8.6 which should address this issue.

So sorry it took us a few attempts.