MAAS 2.5.0 beta2 released!

MAAS 2.5.0 (beta2)

We are happy to announce MAAS 2.5.0 beta 2. This release is mostly focused on stabilization, bug fixes and several UI improvements.

New features & improvements

A new machine listing

  • The filter tool is now collapsible. It is collapsed by default to allow the machine list to use the full width of the window.
  • The machine list grid now has double rows to show more information. Each row displays the primary IP, power type with status, tags with owner and pool with zone. There have also been improvements to the RAM, storage and host, domain presentation.
  • The machine list is now more responsive to varying screen widths.Columns appear dynamically to show more information, if possible.

An interfaces tab for machines view

This table now uses a double-row style to show information in pairs:

  • MAC address and hostname
  • VLAN and fabric
  • Subnet and optional name
  • IP address and mode

Improvements to the header-action menu

The actions menu has been redesigned.It now groups actions logically together with the number of machines upon which each action can be performed. Actions that are unavailable are now visible but disabled.

A new KVM pod details view

  • A new KVM pod details view has been introduced that displays the cores, RAM and storage details of the KVM. Each storage pool within a KVM is now displayed individually, with path and type information visible at a glance.
  • The overcommit ratio of a KVM machine is now displayed clearly in the heading of the section with calculated charts to show to current state of each machine.
    The virsh address is now shown without needing to visit the configuration tab.

Introduction of Vanilla framework 1.8

Updated Vanilla framework with tighter controls over spacing and padding. Lists and forms are now more tightly padded for a denser display of information.

KVM compose window reworked

  • The new compose UI allows multiple requests across multiple storage pools. Storage pool type and path information is now available to make selecting clearer…
  • The introduction of meter charts makes the data easier to understand at a glance. This includes warnings before composing to prevent requests that exceed available space.
  • Custom KVM networking is now possible. Multiple interfaces can be configured on a VM.
  • Networking can be determined by space or fabric.
  • Subnets are filtered by space or fabric
  • Configuring a manual IP is now possible directly in the GUI.
  • A new subnets menu describes VLANs and fabrics and allows selection in a single action.

Bug fixes

34 issues have been fixed in this release, the most notable ones include:

  • LP: #1779980 - maas overestimates size of raid device, can cause deployment failure
  • LP: #1792401 - [2.5] bios_boot partition not created on md0 raid device
  • LP: #1401939 - Allow ‘timeouts’ (commissioning, deployment, release, etc) to be user configurable
  • LP: #1585814 - MAAS fails to add a DHCP snippet with "subnet6 statement is only supported in DHCPv6 mode.
  • LP: #1660418 - Uploading a new custom image does not remove the old image
  • LP: #1666698 - rackd not generating a dhcpd.conf in a timely manner
  • LP: #1756745 - Add UI to change default domain
  • LP: #1769445 - [2.x, enhacement] Deleting a controller should not block on it being the primary rack controller
  • LP: #1782060 - [2.4, 2.5, enhacement] MAAS deployed Pods can be released
  • LP: #1789872 - [enhancement] Chrony config doesn’t reflect hardware timestamping capability

For a full list of bug fixes, please refer to the following milestone link.


MAAS 2.5.0 beta 2 is available for Ubuntu Cosmic & Bionic and can be installed from our PPA as follows:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:maas/next
sudo apt install maas