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MAAS can specify kernel boot options to machines on both a global basis (UI and CLI) and a per-machine basis (CLI-only). A full catalogue of available options can be found in the Linux kernel parameters list^ at^.

Two questions you may have:

  1. How can I set global kernel boot options for all machines?
  2. How can I set kernel boot options for a specific machine?

Global kernel boot options

You can set kernel boot options and apply them to all machines with the CLI command:

maas $PROFILE maas set-config name=kernel_opts value='$KERNEL_OPTIONS'

Per-machine kernel boot options

Per-machine kernel boot options are set using the CLI.

Per-machine boot options take precedence to global ones.

To specify kernel boot options for an individual machine, first create a tag:

maas $PROFILE tags create name='$TAG_NAME' \
    comment='$COMMENT' kernel_opts='$KERNEL_OPTIONS'

For example:

maas $PROFILE tags create name='nomodeset' \
    comment='nomodeset kernel option' kernel_opts='nomodeset vga'

Next, assign the tag to the machine in question:

maas $PROFILE tag update-nodes $TAG_NAME add=$SYSTEM_ID

If multiple tags attached to a machine have the kernel_opts defined, MAAS uses the first one found, in alphabetical order.

See the CLI tag management section for more information about using the CLI to manage tags.