Where is CentOS 8 in MAAS 2.7.0?

I have installed MAAS 2.7.0. The Release Notes say: “Users can now deploy CentOS 8 images in MAAS” (MAAS 2.7 Released), but I’m still not seeing it in the list of available images:

Is there something else I have to do to enable it? Or are we still waiting for images to uploaded to http://images.maas.io/? I don’t see any reference to CentOS 8 there, yet.

I was wondering the same.

stream index http://images.maas.io/ephemeral-v3/daily/streams/v1/com.ubuntu.maas:daily:centos-bases-download.json, only contains centos 6.6 and centos 7.0, but not centos 8.

see there is a repo ppa:maas/centos8 … dont know if that will address the issue ?

We are currently working on adding CentOS 8 images to images.maas.io. In the meantime you can generate a custom CentOS 8 image using the Packer template from packer-maas.

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Don’t suppose you have an ETA for this?

i know we’re working on it, but i don’t think there’s an exact ETA right now. i’ll let you know if i find out more.