Touble getting rack controller assigned to vlan

hey all,

I’m having a weird issue with my maas controller in a new DC. I’ve added a new VLAN network to it and to some other hosts, and it’s detected that vlan, but I can’t get it to claim ownership as the rack controller for that vlan, so I can’t do things like start dhcp. is there a way to kick maas manually and assign it as the rack controller for a vlan?

seems like this is probably related to the rack controller issues I had last year about this time:

i spent some time on this recently on both MAAS 2.9 and 3.1. the conclusion i’ve come to is that for better or worse, MAAS only supports being a DHCP controller on the untagged VLAN (not a VLAN) which as you have seen means that you will never be able to pick a rack controller for a “real” VLAN.

it doesn’t seem reasonable for me to disallow being a DHCP controller on a VLAN, but at least with respect to MAAS, it does seem to be consistent. perhaps others more knowledgeable than me can explain why this is the case?

MAAS should be able to be set up as DHCP server on any VLAN that is seen by controllers. Could you please describe your set up and what happens when you try to enable DHCP on the tagged VLAN?