Tips, tricks, and traps

This section contains a collection of tips, tricks, and traps which may help MAAS users solve those unusual issues that sometimes come up.

Network booting IBM Power servers

Some IBM Power server servers have OPAL firmware which uses an embedded Linux distribution as the boot environment. All the PXE interactions are handled by Petitboot, which runs in the userspace of this embedded Linux rather than a PXE ROM on the NIC itself.

When no specific interface is assigned as the network boot device, petitboot has a known issue which is detailed in LP#1852678, specifically comment #24, that can cause issues when deploying systems using MAAS, since in this case all active NICs are used for PXE boot with the same address.

So, when using IBM Power servers with multiple NICs that can network boot, it’s strongly recommended to configure just a single NIC as the network boot device via Petitboot.