The sda drive raid 6 does not support SMART in test log

I have 4 HD in RAID 6, still without partitions, and in the commissioning of MAAS, it is Available but does not pass the test, and is not available to be used.

The status after commissioning is this:

Available disks and partitions


600605b00cd01d602ac7853a0734404d MR9363-4i


4.68 23.99 TB
Free: 23.99 TB


0 OK

And this is the test error message:

INFO: Verifying SMART support for the following drive: /dev/disk/by-id/wwn-0x600605b00cd01d602ac7853a0734404d
INFO: Running command: sudo -n smartctl --all /dev/disk/by-id/wwn-0x600605b00cd01d602ac7853a0734404d
INFO: Unable to run test. The following drive does not support SMART: /dev/disk/by-id/wwn-0x600605b00cd01d602ac7853a0734404d

I saw this post Testing logs reference
And I also entered the inside of the machine and created the sda1 partition, but MAAS does not recognize it.
Any suggestions to solve this?
Thank you all.

Based on the information provided, the test error message is indicating that the SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) test cannot be performed on the drive because it does not support SMART. This can occur if the drive itself does not support SMART, or if the drive is part of a RAID array and the RAID controller is not passing SMART data through to the operating system.

I’m just the tech writer – and a Cajun one at that, so take this with a spoonful of Cayenne, but – maybe these will help troubleshoot this issue? Note that some of what follows depends on your parting statement: “And I also entered the inside of the machine and created the sda1 partition, but MAAS does not recognize it.” I don’t know how you did that, or what “does not recognize it” means (e.g., SMART still didn’t work).

Anyway, maybe these will help a little:

  1. Check the RAID Controller Settings: It’s possible that the RAID controller you’re using doesn’t support or is not not configured to pass through SMART data. Check the settings of your RAID controller to see if there’s an option to enable SMART pass-through. If such an option exists, enable it and try running the test again.
  2. Confirm SMART Support: It’s also possible that the hard drives themselves don’t support SMART. You can check this by looking up the model number of the hard drive on the manufacturer’s website or in the drive’s technical specifications. I suspect you already know this, but in the interest of being complete, there it is. :slight_smile:
  3. Update Firmware and Drivers: Make sure your RAID controller and the hard drives themselves are using the latest firmware and drivers. Out-of-date firmware or drivers could potentially cause compatibility issues with SMART, tho I imagine you’ve also already thought of this.
  4. Check with the Manufacturer: If you’re still encountering issues, it may be worth reaching out to the manufacturer of the RAID controller or the hard drives. Maybe they have specific troubleshooting steps?
  5. Bypass the (not-so-)SMART Test: My favorite option? if you’re sure the drives are healthy and you simply can’t get SMART to work with your setup, just configure MAAS to skip the SMART tests. Not a great option, since SMART is there for a reason, but it might work okay.

Obligatory warning about backing up your current configuration (or at least writing it down) before making significant changes to your RAID setup.

Feel free to pop back to me if any of this does anything useful, positive or negative. Good luck!

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