Tags: Item 0 in the array did not validate; This field cannot be null

Hello all,

I am all of a sudden having issues modifying a nic ip. This is happening on all hosts, including ones that already have a static if i try to save again.
The tag field does not seem to have an impact, no matter what i put there or blank it out entirely.

Yeah, you’re not the only one experiencing this: Failed to edit physical in the machine’s Network page.
A bug report has been filed already: https://bugs.launchpad.net/maas/+bug/1864241

Thank you. Fairly new to the platform. Didn’t know if I was missing something and couldn’t find anything else about it

I hit this also. I ended up deleting the machine and recreating it.

@jeremy-mordkoff: did that fix the problem? Did you manually add the machine, or allow it to be discovered via PXE boot?

In my case the problematic interface was the PXE boot interface which I had just switched from IPv4 to IPv6. Deleting it and adding it back allowed me to set the right subnet.

BTW, I hit another issue…I had installed MAAS when the PXE boot interface was IPv4. Then I switched it to IPv6. Dhcp6 refused to start even though I had added a new IPv6 subnet and then deleted the IPv4 subnet. I ended up uninstalling MAAS and reinstalling it just to get DHCP6 to start.