Python API client reference

The python-libmaas client library is an asyncio-based client library whose purpose is to allow developers, integrators and administrators to better interact with MAAS. This software is in development and does not yet support all MAAS endpoints (nor all operations). It currently supports MAAS versions 2.1 and 2.2-beta3.

Two questions you may have:

  1. What should I know about library endpoints?
  2. How can I install and use python-libmaas?

Library endpoints

At this time, the client library supports these eight endpoints:

  1. account
  2. boot-sources, boot-resources
  3. machines, devices, region controllers, rack controllers
  4. events
  5. configuration
  6. tags
  7. version
  8. zones

There are two resources that will help you better understand the above terms and how they are used:

  1. Concepts and terms
  2. API documentation

Installation and usage of python-libmaas

For installation and initial steps, see these external links:


For examples, see these external links:


For pypi information, see this external link:

I don’t see python class to create virtual machines (kvm or lxd) on a target machine. Will that be implemented soon to where I can create the virtual machine, it’s name, cpu number, memory size, drive, drive size, network selection?