PXE Dual-Boot on existing Windows machines

We are considering MAAS for our deployment scenario. Please advise if this is possible and/or how to accomplish it.

We have 80 pc’s (identical hardware) with Windows 11 pre-loaded on 1TB nvme drives. We want to PXE boot these machines and auto-install a pre-configured Ubuntu desktop image. During install, we want to automatically shrink the 1TB partition to 500GB & creat a 500GB partition for Ubuntu and complete the install. When complete, we want the system to reboot into Ubuntu automatically (setting 1sec timeout in boot options).

Can this be done with MAAS and if so, are there tutorials for it?

Thank you for your support

Hi @cjepp

You should use the Windows utilities to modify the existing Windows partition.

Assuming that you have already modified the partitions I think you MIGHT be able to achieve this using some advanced customization of the curtin scripts at deploy time