NTP services (snap/2.8/CLI)

MAAS provides managed NTP services (with Chrony) for all region and rack controllers. This arrangement allows MAAS to both keep its controllers synchronised, and keep deployed machines synchronised as well. You can configure NTP on the ‘Network services’ tab of the ‘Settings’ page.

The region controller configures the NTP service to keep its time synchronised from one or more external sources. By default, the MAAS region controller uses ntp.ubuntu.com. Rack controllers also configure the NTP service, synchronising their time with the region controllers. Rack controllers also configure DHCP with the correct NTP information. Any machine on the network that obtains a DHCP lease from MAAS will benefit from NTP support.

Setting an external NTP server

External sites, such as an existing NTP infrastructure, can be used directly as a time source for both rack controllers and machines.

You can specify an external NTP server with two successive commands:

maas $PROFILE maas set-config name=ntp_servers value=$NTP_IP_ADDRESS

followed by:

maas admin maas set-config name=ntp_external_only value=true