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MAAS is Metal As A Service, a service that lets you treat physical servers like virtual machines – instances – in the cloud. No need for you to manage servers individually: MAAS turns your bare metal into an elastic, cloud-like resource.

Five questions you might have:

  1. What is MAAS – and what does it really do for me?
  2. Can you show me an example data centre using MAAS?
  3. How does MAAS work – in detail?
  4. What concepts might I need to understand before starting?
  5. Can I just install it and try it for myself?

*Part of the machine list from Metaphorical General Hospital, our example data centre.

New version of MAAS

Getting support

There are three ways you can get support for MAAS:

  1. Professional support
  2. Post a question on the MAAS discourse forum
  3. Ask a question on


There are several ways you can contribute to MAAS:

  1. Guide to contributing
  2. Push some code
  3. File an issue
  4. Request a feature

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