MaaS as a VM, how about adding the underlying KVM as a Pod?

Hey guys,

I’ve installed Ubuntu 18.04 manually on a bare metal server, then, I created a KVM Guest for running MaaS.

So, my question is:

Is it okay to add the underlying KVM Host, to the MaaS itself, as that Pod thing, In a way that MaaS will be able to create/manage more VMs side-by-side to itself (using libvirt connection)?

So I can start creating other VMs using MaaS, instead of “virt-manager” (that I used to create first VM for MaaS)?


Hi, what I’d recommend is to run maas inside a LXD container (well, technically it’s a lxc container) and then register your KVM host as a pod in maas. This way your maas instance will not be KVM dependent and yes, maas will then be able to create/manage VMs on your host.

This would require to plan your virtual networking a bit (several bridges probably) and what I’d also recommend would be to create a specific LXD profile for maas with several networking interfaces.

In addition, while still in beta, have a look at maas 2.5, with improvements in the area of KVM Pods networking - check for more info.

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I found this very helpful: Setting up a Flexible "Virtual MAAS" Test Environment

You should be able to do this however MAAS will detect and manage the VM it is running on. This would make it possible for a MAAS administrator to power off and even delete the VM MAAS is running on. The suggestions both idobs and jsseidel mention will both isolate the MAAS VM/container from MAAS itself.

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Thanks guys!

The LXD thing is interesting, I honestly though about that before but stopped on the network side due to laziness. lol

I’ll try that!