Maas 3.2 PPA stable does not have maas*.deb packages

Could someone have a look at the PPA for maas 3.2? The repositories do not have the maas debs, while the -next have.

the m folder and packages are completely missing and I cannot upgrade to maas 3.2

I believe this is because MAAS 3.2 hasn’t been released yet.

it’s always unclear when stables are released or not

That link seems to me like it has been released, is this not the case?

I believe this post from the News category might help :slight_smile:

3.2.0 Release Schedule

Thanks, it is clearer now, at the same time though, I would expect that if something is reported as “released” what is released would be the stable. Thanks!

sorry about that. sometimes the doc has to precede the release by a few hours because of the way the release is built. it will be ready this evening, Chicago time.

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