3.2.0 Release Schedule

Below is our current plan for releasing MAAS 3.2.0. We may tweak some of the RC dates as we get closer to release to ensure we have thorough testing.

Version Date Notes
3.2.0-beta1 Wed 23 March 2022 (New York) (EST)
3.2.0-beta2 Wed 6 April 2022 (New York) (EST)
3.2.0-beta3 Wed 20 April 2022 (New York) (EST) (if needed, based on previous betas and ongoing work)
3.2.0-beta4 Wed 04 May 2022 (New York) (EST)
3.2.0-beta5 Wed 25 May 2022 (New York) (EST)
3.2.0-beta6 Wed 01 Jun 2022 (New York) (EST)
3.2.0-RC1 Thur 09 Jun 2022 (New York) (EST)
3.2.0-RC2 Wed 15 Jun 2022 (New York) (EST) (if needed, based on RC1)
3.2.0 Final Wed 22 Jun 2022 (New York) (EST)
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