MAAS 2.6.0 RC released!

We are happy to announce MAAS 2.6.0 RC, which only includes bug fixes and improvements.

Bug fixes

For other issues or bugs fixed in this release, please refer to:

Bug # Description
#1827149 [2.5,2.6] Deploying an ‘allocated’ machine with install_kvm=True fails to create a bridge
#1828602 [2.5.3] bug: deploy failed when more than 33 rack controller in dns resolver, cause argument list too long and dns resolution stop working
#1830133 [UI] All results/logs are being shown as undefined
#1803594 [2.5] Can create a bcache from a pre-existing bcache.
#1812402 [2.5, RBAC, API, UI] Auditors are allowed to create devices
#1828310 [2.6, events] duplicate events for the same action for START/FINISH
#1828444 [2.6] Cannot filter machines by fabric/vlan, subnet or even status when executing ‘machines read’
#1828493 [2.6, events] The rebooting event on deployment is shown too early
#1828633 [2.6, events] Test events don’t have details at all
#1829225 [2.6b4] filtering is broken, count shows more than actually exist
#1829504 [2.6, master] Machine action doesn’t reset back to no action, showing an error
#1830080 [2.6] Unable to delete domain after adding A record with empty Data field.
#1830103 [2.5] Node deployment fails with vague error
#1830785 [UI] Unable to delete and recreate VMFS datastore
#1811380 [2.5, RBAC, UI] Notice about not being able to modify storage isn’t shown for resource pool admins
#1811669 [2.5, RBAC, UI] User that looses access to an allocated machine can still edit mount points
#1818556 [2.5, UI] cannot set power parameters for rack controllers
#1820984 [2.6a1] MAAS provides bogus log messages when a ‘device’ tries to PXE boot
#1828579 The maas_id label for prometheus metrics should use the server uuid
#1828583 [2.6] Expose prometheus stats for subnets
#1830251 Add label for prometheus metrics for controller type (rack/region) for mem/cpu metrics
#1830267 [UI] Blank line in log/result shows odd break
#1830303 Datastores do not show the proper mount point
#1830786 [UI] Add to existing datastore button should be disabled when there are no datastores
#1816940 Machines REST API fails to parse postman OAuth token
#1827155 [UI] Relevant error not shown when trying to release 2 machines
#1827293 ESXi static routes are ignored

Bug # Description
#1831147 Deploying machine with install_rackd=True is not working
#1804563 can’t update dns resource using cli
#1831257 maas 2.6 no such constraint for domain during machines read


MAAS 2.6.0~rc2 is available in the following PPA:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:maas/next
sudo apt install maas
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