MAAS 2.6.0 beta 4 released

Hello MAASters!

We are happy to announce MAAS 2.6.0beta4.

Bug fixes

For other issues or bugs fixed in this release, please refer to:

Bug # Description
LP: #1828057 [2.6b3, websocket, ESXi] Adding a disk to an existing datastore
LP: #1828308 [2.6b3] ppc64el KVM VMs can no longer PXE boot
LP: #1828312 [2.6b3] Cannot compose a VM in a MAAS deployed KVM ARM64 pod
LP: #1809470 [2.4,2.5] Regular users unable to partition storage
LP: #1827161 [2.6, UI, performance] Accessing the ‘machines’ tab takes a few seconds before it renders anything
LP: #1828077 [doc] Prometheus doc doesn’t show how to enable MAAS stats
LP: #1828492 [2.6] Commissioning tab have a supress colum
LP: #1811667 [2.5, RBAC, UI] Looking at user details, the password section is shown for RBAC users
LP: #1823265 Composing a machine should error if name contains underscore
LP: #1826174 [UI, UX] Machine page forgets which tab was open upon refresh
LP: #1827350 [2.5,RBAC,UI] - MAAS should get user details from RBAC/candid
LP: #1827351 [2.5,RBAC,UI] - The details form in the user settings page shouldn’t be editable with external auth
LP: #1827048 ESXi jumbo frames not fully implemented


MAAS 2.6.0~beta4 is available in the following PPA:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:maas/next
sudo apt install maas