How to unseal Vault

There are two conditions that may cause Vault-protected secrets to become unavailable: when the Vault is sealed (using vault operator seal – see the Vault documentation and when the Vault is unreachable through misconfiguration or other failure.

When the Vault is sealed, all queries involving secrets will fail with a user error mentioning that the Vault has been sealed. Unsealing the Vault requires operator intervention, via the vault operator unseal command (again, see the Vault documentation. MAAS will indicate when this is needed.

Vault may become unreachable due to a network failure, due to incorrect configuration of a region controller, or other unintentional situations. When the Vault is unreachable, MAAS will inform the users that interactions with Vault will fail.

MAAS will make every attempt to present a meaningful error if Vault is not functional. This includes related authentication errors when attempting to login to MAAS.

Hashicorp Vault is integrated with MAAS version 3.3. To enable Vault for use with your MAAS, please upgrade to MAAS 3.3.

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