How to migrate machines from one MAAS server to another (both in same lab)


I need a little bit of direction on how to do this. I don’t need too much hand holding here, but if someone could give me a high level overview of what I need to do to get this done I would greatly appreciate it. I’m sorry if this is a noob question but I’m having a bit of trouble navigating the documentation that is available and I was hoping that the forum users could quickly help me out. I’d be happy to thoroughly document my process once I am done so that future netizens can follow along and do the same thing I did.

If there is a document that already outlines how to do this that I’ve missed I’d be happy to go read it if someone could link me there. Thank you advance.

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not an answer to your question, but just a signal that I’m at the same spot right now. Did you find a way forward?

Are you trying to move VMs from one maas node to another?

I’ve got two MAAS deployments. One (A) that started as a trail, and another (B) that started later. Each deployment has a set of hosts (physical), that it is ‘owning’. Now, the first deployment A needs a serious physical update. However some of the deployed hosts in A are in production, so they cannot be shutdown/recommissioned/configured. So, I’d like to move those hosts, logically, over to the B deployment. I.e. I want those hosts to show up in B’s MAAS, so that I can manage (shutdown/commision/etc. ) if its required.

I hope that I explained my use case.


I’ve never done this, but it might be possible to move the MAAS “A” rack controller to the MAAS “B” region controller. See:

You might run into the same frustration I had when trying to migrate VMs between MAAS nodes: it might auto commission the machine for you.

@blingstatus, did you ever successfully migrate your machine?