How to locate machines

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This page explains how to use the search bar filter your view of machines and devices.

Search parameters

Here’s how a typical MAAS search parameter looks:

Search attributes go into the Search box, separated by spaces for ‘AND’ logic, or enclosed in parentheses and divided by commas for ‘OR’ logic. They generally follow the format parameter-name:. You can fine-tune matches using ‘=’ for exact and ‘!’ for negations. The UI filter drop-downs also help you understand how these work.

Simple searches

To perform a simple search, go to Machines and type your search term in the Search box. MAAS updates results as you type, and you can search across many parameters.

Filtered searches

If you prefer a filtered search, go to Machines > Filters, pick a parameter group, and select your desired values. MAAS updates the results immediately.

Creating manual filters

You can enter manual filters in the search bar:


Note: Enclose terms in parentheses for group searches, like status:(failed testing).

Exact and partial matching

For exact matches, prefix the search value with ‘=’. For partial matches, omit it. For example:

Exact: pod:=able-cattle
Partial: pod:able,cattle

Using multiple search terms

MAAS uses ‘AND’ logic by default for multiple terms. For instance, pod:able,cattle cpu:=5 will show machines in pods named able or cattle with 5 CPU cores.

Filter reference

Here’s a comprehensive table of filter properties you can use. ‘Dyn’ means dynamic, ‘Grp’ for groupable, and ‘Man’ for manually entered.

Parameter (bold) w/example Shows nodes… Dyn Grp Man
arch:(=architecture) with “architecture” Grp
arch:(!=architecture) NOT with “architecture” Dyn
zone:(=zone-name) in “zone-name” Dyn Grp
zone:(!=zone-name) NOT in “zone-name” Dyn
pool:(=resource-pool) in “resource-pool” Dyn Grp
pool:(!=resource-pool) NOT in “resource-pool” Dyn
pod:(=pod-name) with “pod-name” Dyn Grp
pod:(!=pod-name) NOT with “pod-name” Dyn
pod_type:(=pod-type) with power type “pod-type” Dyn Grp Man
pod_type:(!=pod-type) NOT with power type “pod-type” Dyn Man
domain:(=domain-name) with “domain-name” Dyn Grp Man
domain:(!=domain-name) NOT with “domain-name” Dyn Man
status:(=op-status) having “op-status” Grp
status:(!=op-status) NOT having “op-status” Dyn
owner:(=user) owned by “user” Dyn Grp
owner:(!=user) NOT owned by “user” Dyn
power_state:(=power-state) having “power-state” Grp Man
power_state:(!=power-state) NOT having “power-state” Dyn Man
tags:(=tag-name) with tag “tag-name” Dyn
tags:(!=tag-name) NOT with tag “tag-name” Dyn
fabrics:(=fabric-name) in “fabric-name” Dyn
fabrics:(!=fabric-name) NOT in “fabric-name” Dyn
fabric_classes:(=fabric-class) in “fabric-class” Dyn Man
fabric_classes:(!=fabric-class) NOT in “fabric-class” Dyn Man
fabric_name:(=fabric-name) in “boot-interface-fabric” Dyn Man
fabric_name:(!=fabric-name) NOT in “boot-interface-fabric” Dyn Man
subnets:(=subnet-name) attached to “subnet-name” Dyn
subnets:(!=subnet-name) Not attached to “subnet-name” Dyn
link_speed:(link-speed) having “link-speed” Dyn Man
link_speed:(!link-speed) NOT having “link-speed” Dyn Man
vlans:(=vlan-name) attached to “vlan-name” Dyn
vlans:(!=vlan-name) NOT attached to “vlan-name” Dyn
storage:(storage-MB) having “storage-MB” Dyn Man
total_storage:(total-stg-MB) having “total-stg-MB” Dyn Man
total_storage:(!total-stg-MB) NOT having “total-stg-MB” Dyn Man
cpu_count:(cpu-count) having “cpu-count” Dyn Man
cpu_count:(!cpu-count) NOT having “cpu-count” Dyn Man
mem:(ram-in-MB) having “ram-in-MB” Dyn Man
mem:(!ram-in-MB) NOT having “ram-in-MB” Dyn Man
mac_address:(=MAC) having MAC address “MAC” Dyn Man
mac_address:(!=MAC) NOT having Dyn Man
agent_name:(=agent-name) Include nodes with agent-name Dyn Man
agent_name:(!=agent-name) Exclude nodes with agent-name Dyn Man
cpu_speed:(cpu-speed-GHz) CPU speed Dyn Man
cpu_speed:(!cpu-speed-GHz) CPU speed Dyn Man
osystem:(=os-name) The OS of the desired node Dyn Man
osystem:(!=os-name) OS to ignore Dyn Man
distro_series:(=distro-name) Include nodes using distro Dyn Man
distro_series:(!=distro-name) Exclude nodes using distro Dyn Man
ip_addresses:(=ip-address) Node’s IP address Dyn Man
ip_addresses:(!=ip-address) IP address to ignore Dyn Man
spaces:(=space-name) Node’s spaces Dyn
spaces:(!=space-name) Node’s spaces Dyn
workloads:(=annotation-text) Node’s workload annotations Dyn
workloads:(!=annotation-text) Node’s workload annotations Dyn
physical_disk_count:(disk-count) Physical disk Count Dyn Man
physical_disk_count:(!disk-count) Physical disk Count Dyn Man
pxe_mac:(=PXE-MAC) Boot interface MAC address Dyn Man
pxe_mac:(!=PXE-MAC) Boot interface MAC address Dyn Man
fqdn:(=fqdn-value) Node FQDN Dyn Man
fqdn:(!=fqdn-value) Node FQDN Dyn Man
simple_status:(=status-val) Include nodes with simple-status Dyn Man
simple_status:(!=status-val) Exclude nodes with simple-status Dyn Man
devices:(=) Devices Dyn Man
interfaces:(=) Interfaces Dyn Man
parent:(=) Parent node Dyn Grp Man

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