Feature request in MaaS: Custom cloud init scripts

Hi all,

I think my feature request is related to ​the following bug:
#1654515 Feature Request: Custom post-deploy (cloud-init or preseed) scripts per node linked to tags

When I deploy a new machine with MaaS, I can paste a cloud init script and this script is executed by MaaS as the last step during the deployment.
It would be great if I could globally configure such scripts so they are executed with each deployment. This way I do not have to manually paste my script with every deployment.


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Hey, Patric. I think your proposal is valid. Yet it depends on the development team and their cycles.
I put link to the bug report for the reference.

Hi Patric,
Depending on the stage of the deployment, this can usually be handled by defining a template in /etc/maas/preseeds. You’ll find example templates within that directory. This may be of some help to figure out what the name of any template should be for global use https://maas.io/docs/snap/3.0/ui/how-to-customise-machines#heading--template-naming

Would this previous thread help you ? Set default cloud-init

Hi cgrabowski and pdion891,

Thanks a lot for the answers!
I think the post from pdion891 should work for me. He shows how he created a curtin file to run a bash script.