default dns search list

This seems so basic, but I can’t find it in the UI or via googling…

I want to add two additional domains to the DNS search list. The are resolve-able via the upstream server. Do I have to do this in a curtin script? Any examples?

MAAS 2.8 installed via snap deploying ubuntu 20.04

Hi @jeremy-mordkoff, do you want to just change the configuration of a single machine or of a subnet?

For a subnet, you can configure the DNS in the UI as per this screenshot:

Hi @sparkiegeek – The entire subnet. I see the option to reconfigure the nameserver itself but not a place to set the search list.

Ah sorry, misunderstood what you were after.

So essentially you want a search line in resolv.conf, you should use cloud-init - maybe will help? covers how to specify cloud-init configuration to your deployments