Creating and deleting machines

Deprecated page/older procedure:

This page has been deprecated, because it lists an older procedure for creating and deleting VMs that my not work with later versions, and may not be necessary with older versions. Please use the procedures here with discretion. You may want to try the up-to-date procedure if the instructions here do not work for your older version of MAAS.

While on a pod’s details view, select ‘Compose’ from the ‘Take action’ drop-down menu to compose a machine.

pod compose machine

You can choose which storage to use from a drop-down list.

Click the ‘Compose machine’ button when you’re finished. MAAS will present the pod detail view. In a few moments, your new machine will be auto-commissioned. The ‘Machines’ page will reflect this as well.

MAAS will deduct the new machine’s resources from the pod’s resources:

pod compose machine commissioning


Creating RSD machines in MAAS using the CLI is identical to creating KVM virtual machines. Please see Creating and deleting machines for more information.

Delete a machine

To delete a machine, delete it, select the desired machine from the list of machines and select ‘Delete’ from the ‘Take Action’ menu.

pod decompose machine